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Most of you probably know what today is if not it is the release of the movie Twilight. This book/movie has caused as much if not more or a stirr than Harry Potter did!

I have read the books (twice) and loved them. Not just because they are about vampires but its romantic and well done she is a good writer very descriptive. I also like how the first book you are introduced to almost every aspect of the chararcters so it feels like you know them and then you learn more throughout the other 3 books

In prep for this blog I went to to read up on how well she has been doing from the sales from this book and read her blog on how she started to write this book. There is a teaser on there for her next book Midnight Sun but I can’t read it. This book is the series written from Edward’s perspective. Sounds awesome doesn’t it??

Could imagne how well this book would have done if it was called ‘Forks’ ? ewwww It was called that before she sent it out to find a publisher.                   I also liked the idea that Bella is named after the daughter she doesn’t have and that Edward is named from other characters she has read about. A romantic name if you will.

The movie however was cheesy and I am still on the fence if Robert Pattinson played Edward as well as he is described in the book. I wonder if she had any say in the person who was cast to play him? hmmm


Either way what happend in the next movie the book will always be 10 times better, as they usually are.

As this is probably gonna be my last blog. I just want to say that if you are not into reading you should try even if you just read one book a year make it a good one. Keep trying all varieties of books.


It comes to no surprise that some of my favorite books of all time are the Harry Potter books. This phenomenon that started however many years back was one of the books convinced me I need to read more.

There are so many great tween books that I was missing out on and when I watched the movie I was hooked on the kid with the lightening scar. I even own Harry Potter Scene it!

I hope I don’t have to get into too much detail because I am sure most if not all of you have seen at least one of the 5 movies. The 6th one comes out on July 17th!! 8b2c9dbed63cdb1c

If you have seen the movies I HIGHLY suggest reading the books. There is so much information that they do not put into the movies. The first 3 books are close but after that they cut out characters and whole chapters. I am in the middle of re-reading these books just because it has been awhile.

The last book is being made into two movies (as far as I know) because there is so much going on. Since this is the last book they have to wrap up all the loose ends. This book was one of the most popular books in my opinion of all time and it also made the author J.K. Rowling richer than the Queen of England (says wikipedia)

This week was a really rough week! So many presentations and my march was not very breaky. In times like this I turn to one of the funniest books EVER

The first time I was introduced to this book was when I lived in Peterbough, Well it was a resort like 40 mins east of but I can remember what it was called right now

One of my roommates brought this book out one night and I have been on the hunt for it ever since. I went to england in 2006 and finally found my very own copy of The book of bunny suicides!

I know what your thinking that is kinda sick that a book with that title would give someone so much joy. Well first of all it is just cartoon drawings in black ink with no color. Page after page of a bunny that just does not want to continue living

Here is an example of this suicidal bunny


These pictures didn’t upload as big as I would have liked but the first one is a bunny using an egg beater to end his life and this one is a group of bunnies using an airplane jet to end their lives. Running up a pile of luggage into the engine.


This picture book  makes even the die hard animal lovers smile. It is just for fun and by no means do I intend to or have in the past harmed any bunnies. 


I just finished reading This Charming Man by Marian Keyes.

I have been waiting and waiting to read this book. I wait for books from the library because I don’t have the space right now to buy all the books I want to read. So I waited to read it. This book was flying at the door at Costco so I thought it was something spectacular. The book is written from the perspective from 4 different women. It was a slow start and the ending was pretty predictable. After I found out the ‘secret’ these women kept about a man from their past that united them.

The four women where used and abused by the same man. He was a political figure and when one of them went to the cops it was brushed aside.  When the four women figure out that they were not the only ones he was doing this too they banded together to stop him. One woman in particular had to face a tough struggle of alcoholism and depression, her story was the most interesting to read.

I am looking forward to start the next book, haven’t had a page turner in awhile!


I have decided to change my blogs theme from stupid blogs I read to Books that I read heres why:

So recently I received a award from classamtes for being the most likely to enjoy books form the best sellers list. As dorky as it was to realize that I probably spend to much reading but everyone has a hobbie so I guess this is mine. And besides some of the books i have read are ones that I can read forever.

I get asked alot if I have read this book, most of the time I cannot remember until I read the first couple of pages or if I am told about characters in the book. Its only memerable if I can tell you what happens from cover to cover.

One of my favourite books of all time is the Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, the only book that has brought a tear to my eye. I dont want to spoil the book for any one who wants to read it but the premise is that a young girl dies and then she watches from heaven as time goes by and her killer lives and her parents deal with her being gone while trying to find the man that killed her.

I can’t say that I believe in heaven but this book just made me feel bad for the girl who died and her parents that had to live with knowing who did it and could do nothing. it was one of her better books.

Something you should know too, when I read a book weither it be a tween book or adult fiction. If I can get through the first 100 pages I will usually finish it but I may not like it. Take another book by Alice Sebold called The Almost Moon. reading this book was tourture but I had to know what happened at the end

My point is the books I like are totally random and may not be that interesting to you but my motto is give it a try. books are only as good as the imagination to go with them. I am usually the one comparing movies to books and how the director did not do it justise more to come on that.


‘When an old person dies its like a library burning to the ground’



This was a good blog. I wanted to remember the address so I thought I would post it for anyone to check out.

Today I came across a blog about Hummers, i know what your thinking but no. Humer the SUV or is it in a class of its own? Don’t really care for them.

Anyway the blogger posted a picture of someone flipping one off. 29 people commented on this picture, many to say that it is stupid to hate something like a car. That it represents all that is wrong with Americans, racism etc. People get so angry over another person opinion that they do not even know them!

I have to agree with the people that said you are just jealous cuz you are not driving one. Flipping of a car cuz you don’t like it is not gonna hurt anyones feelings but they may just run you over in your little car or they would know that they could do more damage.

Its a car people you drive what you like! I like the charger and wish that I had one and I will one day but I think the Honda element is the ugliest thing EVER but its a waste of time to flip it off.


I’ve just joined this website (school assignment HAD to do it) and have been randomly looking at blogs. Lots of interesting people out there. Scary to think that people think its ok to talk aout their drug possession and the fact that they carry around weapons with the intent to do harm on the internet. Not everyone was born with common sense, clearly!

Some good blogs out there too! The Evil cult of the snuggy blanket, loved it and couldn’t agree more! it is just a blanket with sleeves after all. How did they run out so fast I will never know. People will BUY anything these days.

`Til another blog cateches my eye